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Company Profile

Pennaco Natural Gas, LLC (the "Company") is an independent oil and gas company currently developing projects in Oklahoma and Texas. The company offers Working Interest investment opportunities for qualified investors to participate in its oil and gas programs.

Pennaco manages oil and gas properties for qualified individuals, corporations, foundations, and trusts that do not have the time or experience required to identify and participate in quality oil and gas investments. As our organization continues to grow, we look forward to a continued and growing relationship with our petroleum industry clients and worldwide partners.

Pennaco is engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas, with a concentration on natural gas. The primary activities are focused on shallow to 15,000 foot drilling opportunities which the Company has identified as low risk. To produce expedient cash flow for its partners, the presence of existing production infrastructure (i.e.: gas pipelines and gas compression systems) must be readily available for contract arrangements.

Nick O'Neill is the executive manager team who will professionally manage the organization and operation of the Company. He has been involved in the petroleum industry since the 1970's, having been directly responsible for drilling, producing and managing many oil and gas properties in the past 25 years. He has established an exceptional performance record.

Our partners benefit by utilizing my engineering expertise and my industry contacts. This strategy is essential to properly structure a diversified portfolio of oil and gas investments, and to assure these investments are aligned with the long-term financial goals for each investor.

Here at Pennaco, we pride ourselves in using the latest engineering and scientific techniques to search for oil and gas for developmental prospects and for the deep gas exploration prospects in western Oklahoma, and west and south Texas.

The focus of the company is directed toward developing assets that can generate substantial cash flows, with fast payouts and superior returns.

Learn more about partnership opportunities at Pennaco by emailing us at

Pennaco Natural Gas, LLC
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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